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Data & More for Purview

Automatic Privacy Classification, Sensitivity Labelling, Enduser Validation and Custodian mapping

Data & More and Microsoft Pureview

Solutions that are often mistaken as competing products because both tools allow data deletion. However, Data & More for Purview creates a number of essential add-ons to the Purview ecosystem, such as 

Privacy and Security Document Classification
(so you don’t have to build it in Purview)

End-user validation
(so you don’t delete the wrong emails)

Custodian Mapping
(so you know who should do the cleaning)

Delete non-compliant emails.
(so the Exchange can become compliant)

Document Classification for Purview

Purview offers a smooth in-app classification experience for the end user. Sensitivity labels can be applied via the office app when the document is being created or saved. Manual classification has been around for several years and is the most reliable way to classify data in Purview. In addition to manual classification, Purview offers the option to use automatic classification, where the user (in theory) can create document classes by using a number of regexes and AI provide by Microsoft.

However, relying solely on regex and questionable AI for Automatic classification within Purview is akin to constructing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system using Excel. This daunting task is not only challenging but also complicated to maintain over time. Consequently, many organisations opt to abandon auto-classification altogether, relegating the responsibility to end users to add sensitivity labels to documents manually.

However, correct and extensive automatic classification can significantly improve several Purview functionalities, including DLP and Data Minimization. Will be significantly improved. may provide a true sense of security, potentially leading to data breaches, regulatory penalties, and identity theft.

Data & More Purview Classification provides an entire Data Privacy Classification in 28 languages, including local health information, Workers’ Unions, Religious and sexual orientation, and all the sensitivity categories required in the EU, North America, and Canada.

Data & More Privacy Classification for Purview

Confidential personal data document classes

  • European & international ID
  • ID card, number or information
  • European & international Social Security info
  • Social security card, number or information
  • European & international health cards
  • Health card, number or information
  • European & international drivers’ licenses
  • The card, number or information
  • European & international passports
  • The passport, number or information
  • Credit cards
  • The credit card, number or information
  • Tax information
  • Tax returns etc.
  • Residence permit
  • Permits and or information in them
  • Salary information
  • Pay slips etc.
  • Employment documents
  • Contracts etc.
  • Recruitment (Application/job offer/CV)
  • Contains a wide range of information related to the recruitment process, job applications, CV, job interviews, etc.
  • Bonus agreements
  • Bonus agreements
  • Dismissal or resignation
  • Terminations or resignations
  • Written warnings
  • Written warnings and expulsions

Criminal offences document classes

  • Criminal record
  • Criminal records and information about them
  • Offenses, fines and convictions
  • Convictions, fines etc.

    Sensitive personal data document classes

  • Health info
  • Diagnoses, illnesses, medication and sick leave
  • Trade union membership
  • Membership of a trade union
  • Ethnic origin
  • Which country you come from or ethnic origin
  • Political orientation
  • Political orientation, membership of a political party
  • Religious belief
  • Religious orientation or member of a religion/church/congregation
  • Sexual orientation
  • Information about sexual orientation

Non-sensitive personal data document classes

  • Pictures with a face
  • Used for classification in different document classes
  • Travel information
  • Information about bookings, reservations, flights in check-in, etc., showing where you have been at any given time

Easy to build custom classifications

When D&M classifies a document for MS Purview, D&M applies the correct sensitivity label to it. Purview can then use the relevant document retention and DLP policies to it.

End-User Validation for Purview

When document classification is automated, you must have end-user validation. No, the IT department does not want to take the responsibility of deleting thousands of datasets without the user’s blessing. Purview is really good at manual classification—because it is built into the Office suite—but it needs tools for End-user Validation of automated classification.

Data & More End-user validation for Purview gives the data owners a complete overview of the data that has been auto-classified as non-compliant. The data owner can then use the report to mark documents as misclassified, private, or dispensation, depending on the individual’s needs.

The DPO can use Purview Reports to assess the compliance levels or the D&M dashboard, depending on the Purview adoption level.

Custodian Mapping for Purview (what you never knew you needed)

Proper data management requires that one (or more) person is responsible for a specific data repository. For Mail and OneDrive is pretty easy as it is the owner’s responsibility. However, with SharePoint and File-Share, this is often much more blurry due to the rotation and churn of employees.

Data & More offers a great tool to identify, manage and maintain “Custodians” – The best thing about custodian mapping is that it works by a risk-first approach – so you can start mapping the data that is a risk… and leave the rest for later.


Purview & Exchange Online

Purview cannot apply sensitivity labels to emails at rest. In other words, Purview can only add sensitivity labels when mail is written or received. To clean up old emails, you will need the Data & More for Exchange, which can be bought separately here.

How does Data & More add-ons for Purview work?

Comprehensive Identification and Classification:

  • Effortlessly identify and classify all Personal Data residing in OneDrive & SharePoint.
  • Empower administrators with a centralised dashboard, offering insights into the location and nature of sensitive data.

Streamlined Sensitivity Labeling:

  • Facilitate the mapping of document classifications to sensitivity labels, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Simplify custom classification based on diverse criteria such as content, location, age, ownership, and risk factors.

Precise Application of Sensitivity Labels:

  • Apply appropriate sensitivity labels—be it ``Sensitive,`` ``Highly Sensitive,`` or ``Confidential``—with precision and accuracy.

Holistic Data Coverage:

  • Identify sensitive data across the Office 365 tenant, including legacy emails and non-office files that may evade Purview's auto-labeling capabilities.

Actionable Risk Assessment:

  • Generate comprehensive reports for administrators to evaluate the overall risk coverage of Personal Data within the organization.

By leveraging Data & More for Purview to apply sensitivity labels, organisations can harness the full spectrum of Purview’s capabilities, including robust DLP and document retention functionalities.

Embrace the power of precise data classification to fortify your compliance posture and safeguard sensitive information effectively.