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AI Enterprise Data Platform

Give your custom AI Secure and Compliant Access to Entreprise Data

Microsoft’s CoPilot has shown that combining AI with corporate data can lead to significant advancements in AI innovation. However, the difficulty of accessing data, particularly unstructured enterprise data from Microsoft 365, on-premise emails, or file shares, has historically been a significant obstacle for AI projects—until now..

D&M | AI Enterprise Data Platform

AIDP empowers AI development teams to harness enterprise data for both training and search applications. It provides comprehensive access to data across:

  • Exchange (Online & On-premise)
  • SharePoint (Online & On-premise)
  • OneDrive
  • File-shares, NAS, ISILON

Core Features

  • Unified Access to Enterprise Data: Gain access to Microsoft 365 data through a seamless ElasticSearch REST API integration.
  • Privacy-focused Data Handling: Automatically identifies and removes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), ensuring data privacy and compliance.
  • Dynamic Data Retrieval: Customize your data search using a wide array of properties such as source type, ownership, membership, Active Directory Groups, file type, document specifics (age, location, name, text value extracted from binaries, clear name, path), communication details (creation-date, from, to, cc, domain), file-size, languages, geo-location, Microsoft sensitivity labels, and more.
  • Selective Data Inclusion: Utilize label filters to exclude data points based on PII, names, locations, number of individuals, health information, and other sensitive aspects.
  • Advanced-Data Labeling: Employ boolean specifications to precisely label data based on the aforementioned parameters for more targeted AI training and analytics.
  • Automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Convert images and scanned documents into searchable and editable data, further enhancing data utility and accessibility.
  • Elastic Search Vectore Store: The option to store word embeddings secure in Elastic Search Vectore Store

AIDP revolutionises the way AI teams interact with enterprise data, breaking down traditional barriers to data access and ensuring a privacy-first approach to data utilisation. By providing these capabilities, D&M | AI Data Platform sets a new standard for AI development in leveraging corporate data landscapes.

Build your own AI for:

Knowledge Management and Retrieval

  • AI-Powered Search: Implement AI-driven search capabilities that understand natural language queries, making it easier for employees to find specific documents, emails, or information across Mail, SharePoint, OneDrive, and files. This reduces time spent searching for information and increases efficiency.

Insight Generation and Decision Making

  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting: Use AI to analyze data trends over time, providing insights that can inform business strategy and decision-making.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Apply sentiment analysis on communications (emails, shared documents) to gauge employee morale, customer satisfaction, or public perception.

Categorisation of Personal Data:

  • Automated Classification and Tagging: Use AI to automatically classify and tag documents based on their content, making it easier to organise and retrieve information.
  • Version Control and Update Alerts: AI can monitor document versions and notify relevant stakeholders when critical documents are updated, ensuring everyone is working with the most current information.

Customization and Personalization

  • Personalized Information Feeds: Develop AI algorithms that curate personalized information feeds for employees based on their roles, interests, and recent activities, ensuring relevant information is readily accessible.
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation: Utilize AI to analyze project needs and automatically allocate resources, such as suggesting available team members with the right skills for a task.

Data Security and Compliance

  • Sensitive Information Identification: Leverage AI to identify and protect sensitive information, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Anomaly Detection for Security: Use AI to monitor for unusual access patterns or data usage that could indicate a security breach, enabling rapid response to potential threats.

Innovation and Product Development

  • Market Analysis and Consumer Insights: Analyze customer feedback and market trends from shared documents and communications to identify new product opportunities or areas for improvement.
  • Competitive Intelligence: AI can help in parsing through vast amounts of data to identify competitive threats or opportunities from the market.

Collaboration and Workflow Automation

  • Smart Recommendations for Collaboration: AI can suggest colleagues to collaborate with based on the content of a project or document, facilitating more effective teamwork.
  • Automated Workflow Processes: Implement AI to automate routine tasks, such as data entry or document approval processes, freeing up employees for more strategic work.