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Data & More for Hybrid

Data & More for Hybrid (cloud + on-premise data)

Data & More for Hybrid Is for organizations with both cloud and on-prem data data – or organisations or with  a special need for a custom security solution. A Hybrid solution can be installed on premise and has all the features of the Data & More for 365, including the world’s best GDPR classification, preview, data enforcement and extensive reporting.

Access on-premise data

OnpremNAS and Windows file servers

SharePointSharePoint On-premise

O365Exchange On-premise


Data access can be via a VPN tunnel or LAN for a as
on-premise installation.

ComplianceManager + will provide end-users and DPO with a single view of all the illegal data

no matter where it’s located.
 Even in a hybrid setup with data in both
cloud and

The ComplianceManager+

In addition to the practical data classification and cleanup process, ComplianceManager+ supports the critical process of Custodian Mapping. One of the problems most organisations have with large old file systems is – that nobody knows what the data is, and nobody knows who is responsible for the data.  The ComplianceManager+ makes it easy for the data responsible to identify and delegate the responsibility for specific data to one or more Custodians. The “Custodians” will then be able to log in to the ComplianceManager+ and clean up the data.

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Can be deployed On-Premise

Connects to On-Premise data

Custodain mapping

Victim Analysis

Custodian Mapping

It is the process of Custodian Mapping that will prevent your mass storage from becoming your biggest data privacy liability.

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Victim Analysis

Now for some organisations – the custodian mapping and cleanup have not been conducted in a timely fashion, and the organisation has experienced a data leak. Since the victims of a data leak must be notified within 72 hours of the discovery – and this is where the ComplianceManager+ victim analysis capability are essential. By combining the ComplianceManager+ classification and reporting capabilities, the ComplianceManager+ can generate a list of the victims of a data breach. Victims of data leaks can then be ranked based on the class of data that has been leaked for effective data response triage.

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