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About Us

We love to help with data compliance issues

Who we are

Today the steady flow of data binds our society together, build relationships and saves lives. Data has become the bloodstream of the digital society and it is our shared responsibility to protect and respect it. Companies act both as creators and caretakers of data, and it is in these roles that the we must strive for excellence. It is in our handling of data that we show our employees, customers and society what we stand for. Do we want to follow the rules, get in control, become and stay compliant – or not? In the digital domain, ethics and actions has be translated into rules and compliance. We can help you turn your corporate ethics on data into digital actions.

Data is our DNA. We have been working with data all our lives and gladly share our knowledge and experience helping others get in control with their data compliance – and get in control with your data.

Turning difficult and tedious tasks into automated actions.  Saving time, while keeping an eye on your data and the level of data compliance. In short – Automated Data Compliance – that what we do best.   

We started building a fantastic tool for Data Compliance. And we made it even better with input from our clients. Call it an ongoing symbiose – but the result is nevertheless a data compliance toolbox made to fit perfectly in the GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA puzzle. The missing piece to make the puzzle complete.

By choosing us, you don’t just get the best Data Compliance Toolbox on the market – you get an opportunity to be heard and affect the way Data Compliance should be handled

The right choice

If you need to delete illegal data, minimize business risk related to data, do fast requests for insight, conduct legal hold or identify victims in a data breach – then the solution from Data & More is by far the best choice. One thing is choosing a solution, but when doing that, you also select a vendor – so let us tell you a bit more about us.

The beginning

We started doing data compliance for clients even before data compliance like GDPR was introduced into the world. It all started with a good idea based on some data clean-up tasks – that these very tedious manual tasks should be replaced by efficient, transparent, reliable and automated processes where possible. And so we build the first version and got our first customers. That was way back in spring 2017.

The best team for the job

Our company is run by four senior partners, each with over 30 years of business experience. Our company comprises more than 20+ highly skilled and hand-picked employees, many of whom have a personal security clearance from the Danish Police and the Danish Defence Force. The Data & More has been revised and approved as a solution supplier by, e.g., large financial institutions, the Danish Defence, the Canadian Police Force, global companies, municipalities, and governmental organizations.

The Certifications that matter

Each year, we are audited in ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000 (GDPR) and are now becoming compliant with D-mærket, the Danish certification standard for risk and compliance. Our compliance manager is personally certified in various Data Protection certifications and supports and controls our implementation teams so we all work as described. The company that handles our servers (Hetzner) is ISO 27001 certified.

Trusted technology

On purpose, we have chosen not to use new-edge technology and cloud infrastructure. We use open-source software vetted, patched, and used by millions of people. We have multiple layers of monitoring and encryption, and we hire 3rd’ party penetration tests to find ways to improve our software. We run our services on physical machines at the EU Hetzner data center or servers in your infrastructure. We monitor more than datasets daily – more than 25000 data-sets per second daily.

One fits all

We have one solution – and that solution is based on all the requirements and input we have had since 2017. We are constantly in dialogue with our clients and continuously improve our solution to meet new requirements worldwide. We handle more than 200 organizations in Europe, Canada, and the US and their many subsidiaries worldwide.

You are in good hands

We have tried it all with all sorts of clients, business cultures, security frameworks, infrastructure, and compliance setups. We have a recommended best practice complete with templates, Q&A, description, and supporting videos e.g. Your Data Compliance journey should not be full of tedious and complicated tasks, so we have done our utmost to simplify and automate where possible, and our team takes care of all the rest (almost).

The world is ever-changing - and so is data

The knowledge we gain when handling data for all our clients is used to improve all client solutions constantly. Our configuration team only focuses on ensuring that the search for non-compliant data is optimized based on the knowledge we gain across all data at all our clients. Furthermore, every client solution is updated with new features at least four times a year based on input from our customers and new ideas from our team.

Give it a try

If all this sounds good and you want to take a closer look at our solution, try it out on your own data. That is the best way to see if our solution is what you need.