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Data & More for Exchange Online

Data & More for Exchange Online?

Data & More for Exchange Online make it super easy for any Office 365 user to clean up their mailbox and provides the DPO and Data Protection Authorities with the much-needed compliance documentation.


Key features for Data & More for Exchange Online.

  • Log in to the compliance portal with your Microsoft login
  • Automatic identifies Personal Sensitive Data – (Article 9 data)
  • View and delete any illegal data
  • Mark any documents as private or dispensation for later deletion
  • DPO Dashboard with compliance overview

Technical Setup

  1. Create an admin account here
  2. Use your Microsoft global admin, to authenticate
  3. … you are done…

Organisational rollout

  1. Inform your college that we will scan for GDPR data (like a virus scanner)
  2. Send a mail with a link to the portal and put the link on your intranet page
  3. … you are done…

Easy Upgrade to include OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams

Now Exchange Online is a great place to start your compliance journey. However, when your organisation learns how easy it is to be compliant, they will start asking for more. So we made it easy for you. Simply upgrade your subscription online and start scanning the complete Microsoft 365.

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