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Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection

Protects your Privacy Data from Microsoft Copilot

Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection

Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection safeguards your data by preventing Microsoft Copilot from inadvertently triggering a data breach through unauthorised access to sensitive information.

Microsoft Copilot is an excellent tool for transforming our interaction with Microsoft 365. Microsoft has meticulously designed Copilot to adhere to stringent data privacy regulations, provided your OneDrive, Team sites,  or SharePoint are devoid of any non-compliant personal data.

However, it’s common for individuals to store non-compliant personal data on these platforms. To mitigate the risk of data exposure, it’s crucial to restrict Copilot’s access to such data. This is where Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection steps in to offer a solution.

D&M | Copilot Privacy empowers the global administrator to configure Copilot to bypass sensitive data by applying sensitivity labels to all sensitive data within OneDrive, Team sites and SharePoint.

Additionally, global administrators can permit users to remove the Sensitivity Label, given they have the necessary consent and legal justification to handle the Personal Data.

Based on the innovative D&M | Privacy Monitor, Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection can identify privacy-sensitive data for EU, Canadian, and US tenants.

To leverage Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection, a commercial version of D&M | Privacy Monitor or D&M | Compliance is required. The service is competitively priced at 1€ per month per account and is compatible with Microsoft E3 and E5 licenses.

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Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection

Data & More | CoPilot Privacy Protection

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