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Data & More for Microsoft365

Data & More for Microsoft365?

Personal data that is not well managed tends to become illegal to keep very fast. As an Microsoft 365 user, you might feel your data is all over the place, from attachments in team meetings to documents in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Exchange Online. This is why we created the ComplianceManager.

The ComplianceManager

The Compliance Manager lists all your (potential) illegal data in one place, perfectly classified and with a super quick preview.

Browsing through hundreds or thousands of documents located all over your Microsoft365 suddenly becomes easy.  For the first time, you will experience a sense of control and an overview of your critical data. And have the power to move, encrypt or delete the illegal data at your fingertips.

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One view shows all illegal data across all data sources

Customize or use predefined compliance reports

Super quick preview

World's best GDPR classification

Built for everyone

The end-users access the Compliance Manager by the users’ existing MFA AD login, and can be used by end-users with basic IT
skills. The Compliance Manager is used by over 75.000 people every three
months to help keep Microsoft365 compliant.

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Create custom document classes based on specific business rules and data

Mark data for deletion, dispensations or other business-critical actions

Analytics data compliance levels

Track key compliance metrics

DPO analytics

But removing illegal data from your Office 365 tenant does not make you compliant. You must also be able to document your actual data compliance level. That is why the ComplianceManager comes with DPO analytics – that provides an overview of the data compliance level based on document classes, locations, AD groups and other key metrics for compliance reporting.

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