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D&M Toolbox

The Toolbox D&M 2.0 from Data & More allows you in an easy and automated way to identify


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Today the steady flow of data binds our society together, build relationships and saves lives


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It’s better to be compliant than complicated – For business use employee time or 4% fine

Scan and monitor multiple data sources

Office 365, Exchange, OneDrive, Fileshare, Google drive, Sharepoint, Etc

Identify personal sensitive data

Register if a document can be linked to a datasubject and if the data contained in the document is sentitive

Create, monitor and enforce data policies

Define your data policys by combine document content, classes, creation date, departs and location

Cleanup mail and file shares

Let the toolbox move non-compliant mails and files to secure location

Data is in our DNA

We have been working with data all our lives and gladly share our compences in helping others get in control with their data compliance. And help others stay in control.

Turning difficult and tedious tasks into easiness and automation. And saving your time. Covering your back having an eye on your data and the level of data compliance. In short – Automated Data Compliance – that what we do best.

Data Compliance

We started building a fantastic tool for Data Compliance. And we made it even better with input from our clients. Call it an ongoing symbiose – but the result is nevertheless a data compliance toolbox made to fit perfectly in the GDPR puzzle. The missing piece to make the puzzle complete.

By choosing us, you don’t just get the best Data Compliance Toolbox on the market – you get an opportunity to be heard and affect the way Data Compliance should be handled.

As we help on the technical side we indulge our clients to meet and share experience on how to meet the data compliance regulation

Create custom dictionaries

Create costom dictionaries relevant for your company and add sensitive words and regex for unique identification


When D&M are profiling your data it sets the relevant labels for each document (or data set) that is connected to the toolbox along with a range of other metadata


D&M 2.0 enables custom definitions of what constitutes Identifiable and inferable, as well as what C9 expressions should be treated as sensitive

GDPR Category

By utilizing a combination of taxonomies, regEx and Natural Language processing (NLP) our profiler can identify a wide variety of texts

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