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Privacy Monitor

The Privacy Monitor automatically scans Microsoft 365 and shows you the data compliance risk for your organisation

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If you want to be compliant – one of the first steps is to take a look at your data and see what is hidden there. The Privacy Monitor automatically scans the data and shows you the data compliance risk for your organisation.

Just sign up for the Free Data Privacy Monitor – No credit card or payment is required.

Try a free subscription with up to 250 Exchange Online accounts. If you want to scan other data sources or even more accounts, you can always upgrade to include OneDrive and SharePoint as well, for only 1€ per month per account. The minimum bucket upgrade is 250 accounts having a maximum of 25GB of data per account (on average).

Designed to assist Data Protection Officers and IT professionals

Data protection legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA require companies to efficiently manage and ensure their data complies with local data privacy legislation. This task can be challenging and costly, especially for organisations using Microsoft 365 without the appropriate tools, such as Data & More’s Data Privacy Monitor.

The Data Privacy Monitor is designed to assist Data Protection Officers and IT professionals by providing factual and detailed insight into an organisation’s data from a Data Privacy Perspective through an easy-to-understand Data Privacy Overview. The insight is based on the organisation’s own data and shows if the organisation is keeping non-compliant and illegal data.

The key functionalities and sequence of the Privacy Monitor are –>>

Connection to the source data:

To get started, the Organisation must make a new accounting, the Privacy Monitor. After creating the accounts, the Global Administrator for the Microsoft 365 tenant can link the Privacy Monitor to Exchange Online. (3 clicks)

Identification of Personal Data:

When a connection has been established, personal data in ExchangeOnline (both email and attachments) and those stored in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint (the latter in the commercial version) are identified.

Categorisation of Personal Data:

The Privacy Monitor categorises the various types of personal data scanned. The categories include sensitive information (if found in the source data) like health records, social security numbers, and details about an individual's religious beliefs and sexual orientation. This categorisation is crucial for understanding the nature of the data being handled and ensuring it will be managed as described in the legislation.

Data Age Analysis:

Determining the age of data is vital for compliance, as various regulations stipulate how long certain types of data can be retained. The Privacy Monitor displays the age of the sensitive data so the administration and asses the risk.

Data amount and location:

The Privacy Monitor allows you to see the total amount and category of personal data for each account (Upgrade to the commercial version to clean up the data with the solution).

Ongoing monitoring:

The Privacy Monitor is always up-to-date as the solution scans the connected data sources daily. If the commercial version is used, the organisation can also access features that help delete the non-compliant data.

Compliance Status:

One of the most critical aspects of the tool is its ability to analyse how much data does not comply with the relevant regulations. This feature enables organisations to pinpoint risk areas and take corrective action to address non-compliant data.

Full disclosure 🙂

We provide such a powerful tool as the Privacy Monitor for free – because we hope you will love it so much ❣️ that you will upgrade to the full version. The full version includes OneDrive and SharePoint Online, which give a great picture of the Microsoft 365 compliance risk.

If you want to delete the illegal data, you can easily upgrade Privacy Monitor to
Data & More for MS 365. By clicking upgrade under subscriptions in your Privacy Monitor

Try it out!

The Data & More Privacy Monitor is a comprehensive but easy-to-use solution that simplifies data compliance where stringent regulations and penalties for non-compliance can be significant.

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