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Data & More for Outlook

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Why Data & More for Outlook?

We analysed over 2 billion data sets for GDPR compliance, and Outlook is by far the biggest sinner. So if you want start with the low-hanging fruit – Data & More for Outlook is for you.

Standard Microsoft Functionality combined
with World-Class data analytics

Data & More for Outlook is based on the standard Microsoft technology of Outlook Categories and Search Folders, so no installation is required. The global administrator for your Office 365 can simply signup below and authorise the Data & More scanners in your Office 365.

The scanner will then start analysing data in Exchange Online, and as it moves forward, search folders and illegal data will begin appearing in the end users outlook.

You can limit the scanning scope by selecting an AD group or simply pasting the emails you want to scan.

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Outlook categories

Data & More for Outlook adds outlook categories to the mail, such as Health, Social Security,and Passport. The Outlook categories give the end-user a good understanding of why a specific mail or mail attachments might be illegal to keep.

Get a full overview of illegal data in one Search Folder

GDPRmail is an Outlook Search folder that is automatically created if you have illegal data. It does not move or delete any emails by itself – But It gives an excellent overview of where your illegal data is located and lets the end-user take informed choices. The enduser can simply look in the Search folder and review / delte the illegal data.

All illegal mails in one folder - with an outlook search folder

Worlds Best GDPR classification

No end-user training required

No add-ons or installation required

Perfect match for MS Purview

No personal data stored outside your tenant

No DPA required

OCR & face recognition

Data & More for Outlook & Microsoft Purview

One of the many big advantages of Data & More for Outlook is that you work on emails already in your inbox.  What Microsoft calls data at rest. So if you are already using Microsoft Purview or plan to do it. Data & More for Outlook is an excellent and natural first choice. Because Data & More for Outlook can clean up data that is already in your inbox – which you can NOT do with Microsoft Purview.

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