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Managed Services and Hosting partnerships

If your company offers services to your clients, e.g hosting of data and SaaS solutions – and you are looking for new services that can leverage your current set-up without introducing further complexity – then we are a perfect match. You have the data of the clients while we have the solution that can help your clients comply with GDPR or NIS2.

Lead generation partnerships

If you or your company have access to important decision makers or have knowledge of organizations that require our service, we can establish a beneficial partnership. If you as a private person or self-employed, we can offer up to 15% of the invoiced amount

Legal partnerships

If your company is providing services to clients related to regulations like GDPR or CCPA, our solutions can help your clients in many of the required activities like data clean-up and data subject requests.

Apply for partnership

If you want to become a partner and benefit from helping organisations comply with the regulations, please apply and we will get back to you.