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Managed Services and Hosting partnerships

Are you in the MSP business of providing top-tier services to your clients, such as hosting critical data and delivering innovative SaaS solutions? Then our solution is a perfect fit!

Our partnership program is designed to quickly and seamlessly integrate with your existing operations, offering new, value-added services by identifying and deleting illegal data in your clients’s unstructured data – while adding a new revenue stream to your business. Together, we can ensure your clients achieve data compliance with stringent regulations like GDPR and NIS2, leveraging your data management capabilities with our cutting-edge solutions.

Partner with Us to Drive Growth: Lead Generation Program

Are you connected to key decision-makers or possess insights into organizations in need of cutting-edge SaaS solutions? We’re looking for partners like you to expand our reach and deliver our innovative services where they’re most needed. Whether you’re an individual, a freelancer, or represent a company, our Lead Generation Partnership Program is designed to reward you for your valuable referrals.
As a valued partner, you’ll earn up to a 15% commission on the invoiced amount for each successful referral that turns into a client for us. This is our way of acknowledging and rewarding the crucial role you play in our growth and the expansion of our services.

Join us in a mutually beneficial partnership and let’s drive success together!

Partner with Us for Enhanced Legal Compliance Solutions

Is your firm at the forefront of assisting clients with compliance challenges related to regulations such as GDPR or CCPA? We invite legal professionals and firms to enhance their service offerings through our specialized partnership program. Our cutting-edge SaaS solutions are tailored to assist in critical compliance activities, including data cleanup and managing data subject requests, ensuring your clients meet regulatory standards efficiently and effectively. Leverage our technology to provide your clients with a comprehensive compliance toolkit, designed to streamline their processes and safeguard their operations against potential legal challenges.

Join us in a partnership that brings added value to your clients and strengthens your position as a leader in legal compliance services.

Cyber Security Partnership

Are you helping organizations handle a data breach? Then we should team up. We have a special service where we can quickly set up a scanning environment to handle data in a data breach. We scan the data in the data breach and determine exactly what kind of data has been breached – and especially what personal data has been compromised. This service is crucial and provides unique value so the response team can live up to the legal timelimit and quickly mitigate and communicate to authorities and related individuals.

Apply for partnership

Are you interested in partnering with us to empower organizations in navigating compliance regulations effectively? We invite you to apply for our partnership program. By joining forces, you can significantly contribute to helping organizations adhere to regulatory standards while benefiting from the collaboration.

Submit your application today, and we’ll reach out to discuss how we can work together to achieve mutual success and drive compliance solutions forward. Let’s make a difference together.